30th December: We took the boat around to Padstow boatyard for the agreed 6 week refit. When we arrived we were asked to put the boat into the harbour as the winch that pulls the boat cradle up in to the shed had broken down. I was told it would be about 5 or 6 days for it to be repaired. not going to let it faze me. I told Will I have 12 weeks for the job just in case we run into delays but I need the boat done by 24 March. this was Agreed by Will.

Almost 3 weeks past before the yard had the finally had their winch repaired and were able to lift my boat into the boatyard. over these three weeks my crew and myself stared to remove all the electrics fish finder, VHF radios, plotters, as well as all the safety equipment. 

19th January: The boat was hauled out of the water up on to the slip. my self and my crew then carried on removing the lifejacket lockers  in the wheelhouse and the rope lockers and galley area and cabin.

20th January: The boat had been moved into the shed. Will was aboard when we arrived and was about to start removing the gunnels. he explained how to do this and during the day Geoff and I Had removed them all from the back of the wheel house portside to the back of the wheel house starboard side. I asked about putting a door in the portside to help get my customers aboard and getting sharks aboard would be so much easier. 

23rd January: Over the next week I removed the Deck from aft of the wheel house down to the deck beams. The fuel tanks were removed and the bulwarks down to the old deck level were ground back by the boat yard.

30th January: I cut out the old fish holds and ground back inside the hull from the deck line down to the centre. Geoff and I started to strip the engine down to get ready to remove.

1st February: The engine was removed by myself and the boatyard.

2nd of February: The aft of the wheelhouse was removed by myself and the boatyard and I ground back the line where it was joined to the wheelhouse. Elliot from the boatyard jumped aboard and sanded back the paint inside the cabin.

6th February: I removed the engine beds and ground back the remaining parts down to the hull. I removed the wheelhouse floor and bulkhead Nathan removed the cabin floor and help move all the scrap wood off the boat.

13th February: Geoff and I removed the D fendering from the foredeck and cleaned it ready to put back on. Wayne started to build bunks for the cabin. cabin floor was replaced and prepared for the new bunks. Paul was aboard this week working in the cabin area. Wayne has made the starboard bunk longer. I asked why as there is no room for the sink and cooker now. he said that they (Will and Wayne) had discussed it and decided that's how it should be (Wayne "there is a sink in the head that will do"). New bulkhead is now in and water tight Paul has built new engine beds. They don't look right but Will assured me they would be fine. they are not to plan as the engine was suppose to got in level not back in at the angle it came out. Will has said it cant as it to much work? even though that was in price and the Plan

20th February: I removed the old strainers hydraulic tank and I started to clean sand and paint the old equipment. Wayne continued to work in the cabin area. and the head area started to go back in. Will has said that my fuel tanks aren't very good and it would be cheaper and quicker to make fibreglass ones rather than repair the old ones.

2nd March: Boatyard has put a battery shelf in under the wheelhouse and flow coated. Wayne has the cabin floor beams in Geoff has painted them with primer. I have taken the boat engine down to Richards to get it pressure tested and the injectors rebuilt. It will go to Helston to be rebuilt if needed. Will has now agreed that the deck beams are to come out as first discussed when he came to Mevagissey to look her over and make a plan. he's said that he's not sure on what wood to use as its now going to delay the build. 6 weeks is not looking very likely but not an issue as I've said I'm not taking booking until the end of march but have stared to take them for the Easter holidays 1st April

6th March: Leon and Wayne have started to remove and replace the deck beams using Tanalized timbers. I have asked for a hatch to be put in either side the engine to make it easier to work on in the future. the tanks can move back behind the fish holds. Paul and Nathan have started building the fuel tanks. I have asked for them to be bigger than they were making them as they had reduced the size from what I had by about 1/4. loosing fuel capacity would not be good for me as I might have to carry fuel in cans on a long trip.

13th March: The head has been flow coated needs to be sanded back and at least 1 more coat as its a really rough finish. Deck beams are in and the hatch holes are being cut into them. The boat has been flow coated and the fish holds have been glassed in. Geoff and I have put the old rubber back on the foredeck. Nick has sanded the outside of the hull down ready for painting.

14th March: So much to do not much time now. Texted Will with no reply so emailed as he's not answering the phone.

15th March: Spoken to Will he says its not a problem still ok to get out for first trip 6th April. Delivery of the boat is going to be late as kids break up on the 1st. not feeling very happy with this. having a bit of a melt down. 

20th March: I've not been to the boat as nothing seems to be happening on it. All the staff seem to be working on other projects.

23rd March: Paul has started to put the aft of the wheelhouse on and has finally finished the lids to the fuel tanks.

24th March: We have picked up the engine from Helston Will wanted it back so we could get it in and line it up. He says takes a couple of days. we got back to the boatyard only to be told that the crane to lift it in to the boat still isn't working and wont be for another week. cutting this fine to be complete now. why did I ever want to put myself through this shit. I have emailed Will Again as the second deadline is fast approaching not that I'll get a response to this one. 

31st March: Deck has been cut to shape using ply? I have asked why. Will has come up with it better and stronger than the planned NEEDAPLAS even though its lighter, doesn't rot and is now used throughout the industry. No hatch way in to the gearbox told one is going to be put in? I don't understand why its not being done in the same way as the other hatches. The foredeck has been painted with the non slip.

3rd April: The old engine hatch surround is being used as the engine. For some reason now they have removed all the skin fittings? Will says its so they can Paint the hull. I'm baffled why they need to create work at this stage. I need the boat back and they are making work, I don't think Will really knows what he's doing as Nick showed me the paint Will ordered its not even close to the oxford blue that is the boats colour. Its Baby Blue. I cant even think wtf goes on in that mans head. The phone is mental loosing trips this is bad!

8th April: My phone is going nuts with lost business so far since my completion date I have lost 92 people. I asked Will for a date that I'm getting the boat back but not giving me anything. I'm so cross this is a joke. I need to stay away for a day or two.

10th April: Lost 9 more people yesterday and cancelled today's Full boat all day trip. I've been to the boat. The Gunnels mould has been built looks like what I asked for. should be good.  GRRR Nick was painting with the right colour blue but the finish was awful he was using a brush but the paint was so thick and wouldn't level. I suggested a gloss roller which he then used, its better but far from a good job. I was promised a mirror like finish only to get an orange peel affect. discussed it with Will to be told that's what a £1000 paint job looks like. the paint was £100 if I had the money to buy better paint I would have done a better job. Calm down and count to 10. ffs are you kidding me!  

12th April Lost another 34 people today. Not much movement on the boat. Nick fitted the hatch in the foredeck. Paul repainted my original engine box.

15th April The loss in business is destroying me. I cant believe I fell for his rubbish. The crane is still not working so we cant get the engine in. I need to try to get her out of this yard.

18th April Missed two booking for 10 people again today. The mould for the gunwales has been removed. the shape is as I asked for but the quality of the gel coat is awful. There are marks all over it and several holes to repair. Nick has said he will fix the holes and when they are polished you'll never notice. Why can't one job go right. Why do we have to go over everything two or three times. I have decided to take the Prop to be checked for balance not that it looks bad but we have time while nothing much seams to me moving forward.

19th April  Leon has started to do the dash by sticking wood effect to the old dash going to look good but not sure about the old wood underneath.

21st April Started the day by going to Devon and getting the prop back  they didn't need to do anything to it but polish it. it looks new. I don't know what is going on with Will. First thing I noticed when I got to the yard today was my side door has been cut into the stern. wtf!!! Will said that Paul cut put the engine breathers in to where I wanted the door and it was no longer possible to put it there as there is a hole in the new deck. ITS FOR LETTING CUSTOMERS IN!!! I have fitted and plumbed a new toilet. Leon has finished the dash. I do have to say it does look good. If the finished boat looks anything like the quality of this I will be happy despite all the delays and fuckups.

24th April The Yard built a pedestal for my new chair while I fitted the wheel and the propeller and shaft.

25th April  Have had carpet put in the bunks today apparently that is £500 of insulation its poorly fitted. A seat has been installed not the one I asked for as it only has half back not a full back. the rails have been cut up and adjusted Very poor job as they don't follow the gunwales as they did before. have the stern rail is right but the other end looks awful. The mast has been removed to clean it up and paint. asked Will about the insulation and why the seat was different. He said the carpet is the insulation and the seat was as good not to worry.  

28th April  Will got Dan of the trainees to make a new mast its base is massive, the tubing is round this is going to wobble like hell. I wired and fitted all the lights and vhf Ariel to it. The door has been fitted. Its not opening properly and its very tight in the frame. I have fitted the windows into the back of the wheelhouse. the holes are very badly cut and the windows are not square. said to will about the door he's calling the makers.

2nd May Got in to the yard today the deck has been fibre glassed and painted looks good but there is a very slippery looking area around the hatches. bunk and crew seat has been made out of 2" hard impact packing foam not 4" seat and mattress foam. Nick fitted the D fender around the gunwales I asked why he hadn't painted the fibreglass that was ground back to join the new gunwales to. Will told him to do it this way. I'm not happy as there is unprotected fibre glass. When I said to Will he went nuts at me and told me it doesn't matter what they do I'm going to moan about it. Only if the job is being bodged which a lot of jobs are.

3rd May  Finally got the engine going in today almost six weeks after picking it up from being remanufactured. not happy about it not going in flat as Quoted for but the sooner I get her out of the yard the better.

6th May  had to refund a full days charter that was booked in on the 11th April.



8th May  Arrived in the boat yard today to find an outside control box half built. The box was 7" wide I pointed out that the hydraulic controls that need to be inside was 9". during the day the yard cut a hole in the new bulkhead as the hydraulic pump now doesn't fit in front of the engine. Window frames have been made and Paul went to fit them only to realise they had bought the wrong size metal so much time wasted. We painted the antifouling while Paul fixed the control box

10th may  I fitted my hydraulic tank capstan winch also I wired the mast up. the mast does wobble as I said it would now I need to have stays to secure it. The yard is adjusting the rails they aren't a very good shape they no longer follow the shape of the boat especially on the stern. 11th may I have had the sign writer put all the decals on the boat today. progress is happening on the engine as the yard are working on it.

15th May The windows are being made by the boatyard. 16th May the windows are still being made. I took lots of photos of the jobs that are going wrong. 17th May the windows have finally gone in with the help of my crewman.19th May I have been fitting all the safety equipment ready to be launched in the next day or so. very little being done on my boat by the yard. they are all working on other boats. 22nd May I had a look around the boat taking photos as I went at all the jobs that need to be done and those that need to be finished. no one from the yard seems bothered now they have an insurance claim job to do.

24th May I got to the yard only to find the new deck has been cut up as the fuel tanks have leaked out. no gaskets were put in to seal them. I made a video of how wobble the mast is.

went to launch the boat before sea trails on Monday Dave from the boatyard didn't check the oil levels correctly. the engine seems to of  ceased.. I lost my mind as i have just had its rebuilt. i called the garage they agreed thed come and have a look. the Garage came up and first thing they noticed is the lack of oil. 26th may had a message from Will saying "we can get the engine lifted in Half a day.We just need an independent engineer to have a look." I replyed " i agree that a third party needs to look at the engine. Don't touch it for now give me the weekend to think this nightmare out."

when I next went to the yard i went in only to find the engine had been stripped dispite our last conversation to have an independant look at it. i picked the engine up and returned it to the garage. for repair. they took a few days as they needed to get parts. i returned to collect the engine on 6th or &th June. when the boat yard refitted it. i had mast stays made and i fitted them to stop the mast from damaging its self.

8th June The boat was relaunched only to find the engine controls had been disconected. I managed to repair before going to far down the river in the tide and i took the boat into Padstow harbour. before going home. i returned in the morning to find water in the cabin due to a missing pipe clamp on the deckwash intake. lucky not to blown the ppe off and sunk.over the next few days the yard fixed some of the problems as there was an air leak stopping the engine running at full power. there are new issues cropping up all the time.

10th June had a conversation with Will via text in this i said "wont be taking her to Meva till tuesday morning as the weathers better then." Will Replyed oh Right, you Sure on the forecast? I haven't looked to be honest Chris." i replyed "no wind at all on Tuesday." will responded with "ok fair one, HW is at 0750 on monday so a good time to do it."

13th june i took the boat out for a sea trial. during this time the tide was going out and i missed the tide to get back in. will had given me the wrong tide times for the harbour. with this i decided to return to mevagissey it would take 12 hours and i would have the boat back where i needed her to start my now very late season. on the way back will and i discued me making the final payment and i agreed this would be done once i had everything done and sorted. I told Will that I needed to make the payment in one so i could sort out the mmo grant i waited for the refund from the new engine not fitted to make one full pament. we had a long descusion and i waited for the refund.

on the way back to mevagissey the boat ran into treouble with the fuel tanks still drawing air. a made a quick repair when i was off landsend by taking the feed and return pipes away from the leaking tanks and ran out of a fuel can.







I've gone through the yards 2 quotes and got the prices for everything that was not done by the yard. Either not completed or jobs that were completed but by myself and my crew member.


These are Will prices from his first Quote. They don’t cover the 16% he said he said he needed to add due to brexit.

Gut the Wheel house

 £     400.00

Rod Racks

 £     400.00

Remove Hydraulic tank

 £     400.00

Supply and fit water tank and pluming

 £     227.00

insulate accommodation area

 £     500.00

Cut hole in foredeck for anchor storage

 £  1,300.00

Supply and fit Anchor windless

 £  2,920.00

Remove Gunwales

 £     250.00

Remove Deck

 £     800.00

Gearbox hatch and level engine hatch

 £  1,200.00

Auto Pilot

 £  4,000.00

Cabin Heater

 £  1,000.00






Additional Jobs

Fuel tank repair instead of new

 £  2,180.00

Fit out Galley / sink

 £     300.00

Lights supplied by me

 £     585.00

No fuse panel used

 £     110.00

Bilge pumps

 £     450.00

replace electric box door

 £      70.00

Mast Stays

 £     100.00

Aft face of wheel house was in original quote

 £  1,553.00

Cable tray and conduits

 £      50.00



 £  5,398.00



£       18,795.00



These figures do not include work I've needed to fix the boatyard errors i.e.:

Duel controls because they wouldn’t work together with the system made by the yard.

Fuel leaking from the fuel tanks.

Removal of the yard made return rail reinstated what should be there.

Replace the air ducting hose on the bilge pumps.

Nor does it include the time that I've been invoiced for, for jobs that had errors made by the yard such as:

Window frames in wrong size and had to be remade

Hydraulic control box having to be remade as made the wrong size for controls

Fuel system leaking

Pto alignment due to the engine beds being out and the  jabsco alignment for the same reason, new adjustment plate,

Remove the engine and put back in after first launch, this was due to yard not filling to correct oil level once installed back at angle not flat as quoted for.

Make new return rail this caused the lift pump problems.

Straighten foredeck rail, its still not straight.


I have a full diary with photos and videos documenting everything to do with the quotes, jobs and errors including reports from the companies that fixed the problems.


There may be other things that I haven't listed but will gladly supply when I have fully gone through everything.