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Welcome to the home of Aquila. We are based in the fishing port of Mevagissey the largest port in the St Austell Bay area , Mevagissey, means "Meva and Issey". The town of St Meva and St Issey. About 5 Miles out side St Austell. Mevagissey was first recorded as a hamlet in the early years of the thirteenth century. There were settlements in this area long before that as was shown by the uncovering of two Bronze Age Burial Urns at Portmellon.


This still working harbour has an unbroken history of fishing that you can be a part of, we are always happy to take our visitors angling or out on pleasure trips. You can enjoy an adventure around one of the most productive and varied fishing grounds the UK coastlines.


Mevagissey's labyrinth of narrow streets that twist and turn past the ancient dwellings of cob and slate down to the twin harbours which are the nerve-centre of the village. The pier is a perfect place to watch the fishermen land their catch and mend their nets as they have for hundreds of years. The inner harbour dates back to 1774, and the outer harbour to 1888. However in March 1891 the outer harbour walls were washed away in the one of the heaviest storms that Mevagissey had ever seen. They were rebuilt and completed in 1897.




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