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These Albums gives you some of the photos taken aboard Aquila.
To enjoy these shots please click on the photo's to enlarge.
Please select an Album.

Cod     Conger    Ling     Pollack     Shark     Mackerel     Other


Dolphins off Mevagissey Dolphins off Mevagissey1 Dolphins off Mevagissey2 Sunfish off Mevagissey Blue Shark on Aquila Mevagissey Bass fishing Aquila Mevagissey Blue Shark Mevagissey Aquila2

Shark Fishing Mevagissey Aquila Blue Shark Mevagissey Aquila Blue Shark Mevagissey Aquila1 ling Mevagissey Aquila Aquila's engine Conger fishing Mevagissey Conger Eel On

group fishing Aquila Mevagissey Cornwall Bass Fishing sun fish Nice Pollack Bob Nice pollack well done

Mackerel Fishing MEvagissey Nice Pollack Penair School Trip mackerel fishing Mevagissey4 mackerel fishing Mevagissey5 mackerel fishing Mevagissey6 mackerel fishing Mevagissey7

Dolphin bow riding off mevagissey's Aquila great pollack Mackerel fishing Aquila Mevagissey Mackerel fishing mevagissey1 mackerel fishing Mevagissey2 mackerel fishing Mevagissey3 mackerel fishing Mevagissey12

 nice little ling 92 Conger Eels 8 Anglers sing in the rain early morning mackerel fishing Mevagissey Haddock mackerel fishing Mevagissey pollack Nice one Malc

Charlie's Anglers Charlie's Anglers1 grrr grrrr Yellow Conger Rainbow1 Aquila Mevagissey

Bin Conger Bashing Cod Fishing Mevagissey mackerel fishing Mevagissey8 mackerel fishing Mevagissey9 mackerel fishing Mevagissey10 mackerel fishing Mevagissey10 Squid Fishing Mevagissey Cornwall Aquila

 mackerel fishing Mevagissey13 small conger Well done nice Conger Eel mackerel fishing Mevagissey14 mackerel fishing Mevagissey14 mackerel fishing Mevagissey15 mackerel fishing Mevagissey16

   mackerel fishing Mevagissey19 A Right Pair Nice Conger Dick And James Strawbridge Hungry Sailors Aboard Aquila Mevagissey Nice Conger Des Nice Ling Rocket

mackerel fishing Mevagissey17 Basking Shark mackerel fishing Mevagissey Whiting rainbow

Cod     Conger    Ling     Pollack     Shark     Mackerel     Other





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