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All Your Questions Answered

What tackle do I need?

  • This all depends on the type of fishing that you wish to be doing. So it is best to talk to the others you are going fishing with to discuss what species you are going to fish for. You are able to use the majority of tackle that is on the boat. If there is specific rigs you like please feel free to bring them. To find out about set up and rigs follow the link below.

(set up and rigs).

What should I wear?

  • If you own or can borrow a floatation suit we advise you to wear it. If this is not possible you will need to wear plenty of warm clothing and a set of waterproofs. please remember that even in the summer it is colder out at sea. Also a hat would be advisable as you lose 80% of your body heat through your head.

What sort of fish can I catch?

  • The fish we catch change with the seasons throughout the year. Our main target species are: Coalfish, Cod, Ling, Pollack, Conger, Mackerel and Whiting from the wrecks, Winter Cod, Dogfish, Bream, Whiting, and Flatfish can be taken on the ground. Some of the more recent catches, and sightings off our Cornish coast, have included: Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Sunfish, even Tuna, all which are warm water species so you never know what you might catch or see coming from the depths.

Can I keep what I catch?

  • Certainly. But we encourage everyone only to keep what they want to eat. Fish are a becoming a scarce resource and we do not want to conflict with the conservation measures in place to encourage recovery of fish stocks.

What tide is best to fish on?

  • This is dependant on the fishing you wish to do. If you want to fish over wrecks for Conger or Ling, you want a smallish tide as it's easier to get your bait to the bottom and get your fish to the boat. If you want to fish in gullies you want a bigger tide as the fish leave the sand banks and move to the gullies.

How do I book the Aquila?

  • Firstly you need to phone us to find out if when you wish to fish is clear. You will need to discuss the type of fishing that you wish to undertake and if the tide is right for that day. If you are happy with these details. Collect a deposit from your friends, then confirm your booking by phoning us up and telling us all is okay and send your deposit to us. then all you need to do is look forwards to your days fishing.

What happens if the trip is cancelled?

  • Trips are only cancelled due to bad weather, Breakdowns or illness and only by the skipper. Please remember that your day out is our livelihood. If it's due to us cancelling and we cannot book another day for you, we will refund your deposit. If however you cancel the trip it is likely that you will lose your deposit.

Other information?

  • Individuals, ladies, disabled persons, juniors, all are most welcome. Operating out of Mevagissey, St Austell, Cornwall, Accommodation can also be arranged here in Mevagissey if required. (See Where to stay page for a great deal).


Some of this Information was taken from Boat Fishing Monthly article about booking a boat





2 nice Pollack


We would recommend that you bring all your own equipment as you might have different tackle and ideas than us. However Aquila is well equipped with tackle. All rods and reels are in good condition and most of the tackle only has to be paid for if it is lost or broken.

If you would like to find out about set up and rigs that we recommend (set up and rigs).



Rod & Reel




1.00 per Set.


Red Gills

2.00 each.


Conger Trace

1.00 each.



1.50 each.






Depends on the item.

Fresh bait is supplied or caught on the way out.

Food is not supplied on your trip so please bring your own.

We do supply the odd mug of tea or coffee but you'll have to ask as Chris doesn't drink hot drinks.



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